When you’re driving here in Outagamie County, you’ve got a lot to worry about with road conditions, other drivers and various hazards to contend with. As such, your own vehicle’s health and drivability should be one thing you don’t have to worry about and keeping up with your maintenance schedule is the best way to avoid this creeping into the back of your mind while you’re at the wheel.

A major aspect of your vehicle’s regular maintenance is wheel alignment. If your tires aren’t properly aligned, not only will your steering be off and thus more difficult to manage but your tread will wear out much quicker. Both of these consequences are dangerous to the inhabitants of your vehicle.

Your suspension system also benefits from proper wheel alignment. Suspension systems connect a vehicle to its wheels and reacts to a given terrain to provide a steady ride. If you regularly drive over a challenging or uneven terrain and encounter damaging elements such as potholes or curb hits, your suspension will begin to bend which is highly problematic to say the least.

A bent suspension will cause your car to veer to one way or another when you’re steering, which makes the odds of ending up in a ditch or the wrong lane much higher than when your suspension is properly-calibrated. By getting your wheels aligned, you’re also reconfiguring your suspension so that your steering will be much smoother.

If you notice your car veering to one side or another when you’re driving on a straightaway, it’s very likely that your wheels’ camber (the angle at which your alignment is pointed) is off and you need to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Alignment issues can go from minor to major in a hurry, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your suspension system or wheel configuration, be sure to call our ASE-certified technicians at 920-757-5543!