While you’re cleaning your house, office or cottage this month, don’t forget about your family vehicle!

Here are a few quick tips for making sure your car is looking spiffy as we head into spring here in Greenville:

Your tires and rims have a tendency to collect unsightly elements like sand, mud and salt over the course of the winter and sometimes just going through a carwash isn’t enough to get rid of the accumulated grime. Luckily, cleaning your tires is relatively easy as you’ll only need some basic tools and a little bit of time – click HERE for more info on how to get your wheels looking like new for spring.

Simple glass cleaner can do a good job on this area, which is important to keep as spotless as possible for obvious reasons. To avoid streaks, it’s best to use straight vertical/horizontal swipes with a microfiber rag when administering the cleaning fluid. Click HERE for more info on proper windshield washing techniques.

Grab a bucket, sponge, hose, suds and good old-fashioned elbow grease and click HERE for the basic steps you’ll need to get your car’s body ready for beach season!

This area of your vehicle is a little trickier to get clean and will require more time/effort. Decluttering your interior is the first step, with old water bottlers, discarded food wrappers and such having a habit of taking up residence on your car floors during the winter. After tossing the unwanted refuse and removing anything else you don’t need in your car, you should grab a vacuum to get your upholstery tended to and then wipe down your console with some cleaning wipes. More info on the best way to get your interior spick & span can be obtained HERE.

Now that your car is clean, the next step is to make sure it’s in good shape under the hood as well! Bring your vehicle in to Meister Imports for a quick inspection to ensure it’s ready for the new season – click HERE to book an appointment or give our ASE-certified technicians a call at 920-757-5543!