Warm weather and summer vacation mean it’s the season of road trips! But before you pack your bag and hit the open road, make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey.

Pack your emergency kit. Having a few supplies, like a cell phone charger, flashlight, snacks and water, can help you stay calm and in control in an emergency. Make sure you have a set of jumper cables, jack and wrench for your car. Don’t forget the spare tire! Check the tire pressure and look for worn patches and signs of problems before you need it on the side of the road.

Take a test drive. Pay particular attention to any strange noises, smells, or drivability issues. Car pulling to one side? The alignment may be off. Fan blowing warm air? The A/C may need service. Wheels squeaking? The brakes may be worn. Small problems can spiral into expensive repairs on a long road trip, so watch for warning signs in the weeks before you travel.

Organize the car. Between passengers, bags, and road trip supplies, taking the time to organize your vehicle before your trip means relaxed, stress free travel! Make sure you have the items you’ll need most, like your phone, wallet, music, or snacks, within reach. Know exactly where your emergency tools are so you can access them quickly when you need them.

Check your maintenance schedule. Whether it’s a flat tire or an overheating engine, car trouble in an unfamiliar town is stressful. Protect your vehicle before you travel with a pre-trip inspection. We will help you know if your vehicle is due for any preventative maintenance so you can take care of it before you leave.

If you have any questions about preparing your vehicle for a road trip, give us a call! Our technicians will help you take care of any needed maintenance and offer helpful tips for staying safe on the roads.

To schedule an inspection, call us at 920.757.5543 or stop by our independent auto repair shop at W6995 Wisconsin Road in Greenville anytime! Stay safe and enjoy your summer road trips!