Twice a year the Car Care Council hosts National Car Care Month, once in April and once in October. This event was created to encourage people to learn more about their vehicles.

A car, on average, is the second biggest investment (next to a house) people can make. Taking care of this investment can save thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. According to Liz Weston, the author of “Deal With Your Debt,” keeping your car around for 10 years instead of five can save the typical person close to $250,000 over a lifetime.

Here are some tips to help make your vehicle last with reliable performance for the entire life of the vehicle:

  1. Change your Engine Oil every 3,000 miles. Waiting too long between oil changes can leave you at increased risk for engine problems. Engine oil should be replaced when it becomes dirty or reaches maximum viscosity, otherwise it can no longer perform it’s job to lubricate the components in the engine properly. We recommend changing your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  2. Follow the Preventative Maintenance Schedule. The manufacturer of your vehicle provides a recommended schedule for the needed routine maintenance for your vehicle. This includes auto maintenance services like timing belt replacement, fluid flushes, and tune-ups. Normal wear and tear occurs as you drive your vehicle. Following the maintenance schedule and having these services performed on time is key to avoiding preventable damage to your vehicle.
  3. Keep it Clean. By making sure your vehicle is clean – inside and out, engine and body – you can protect your investment and keep your vehicle in it’s best shape! Not only will this help remove problems like corrosion and debris, you can take pride in the condition of your vehicle.
  4. Pay Now, Not Later. Fixing problems at the first warning sign can help you save more money over the life of the vehicle. Small issues, like a strange noise or smell, can be early signs of a serious problem. Bring your vehicle to a certified mechanic, like the ones at Meister Import Motors, to have them inspect and diagnose the issue. By catching and fixing problems early, you can avoid serious problems, extensive damage, and expensive repairs.

Bring your car into our shop and we will have one of our experienced technicians inspect your vehicle and teach you how to save money by avoiding costly repairs, get better gas mileage, and stay safely on the road. Request an appointment online or call our auto repair shop in Greenville at 920.757.5543.