As you’re marking your calendar for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to review the maintenance schedule for your vehicle! Take a few minutes to add reminders into your calendar for your routine car care.

Staying on top of preventative maintenance is THE BEST thing you can do for your vehicle – by doing this now, you can prepare your vehicle for the year ahead!

Once per week

These may not need to be marked in your calendar, but developing these small habits can have great impacts for your vehicle. Every time you stop to fill your gas tank, do a quick check around your vehicle. Make sure your headlights are working, check your tire condition, and glance under the hood for anything out of the ordinary.

Once per month

Tidy up your car (lighter loads mean more miles for every dollar at the pump!) and make time for a car wash. Check your windshield washer fluid and oil level. Use a pressure gauge to check your tire inflation. Monthly checks let you catch low tires and oil leaks BEFORE they leave you dangerously stranded on a cold winter night.

Every three months

Most cars need an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles, so add this to your calendar to stay ahead this year. You should also have your vehicle inspected regularly. Bring in your vehicle and our certified techs will perform a multi-point inspection with your oil change to check the condition of all major components in your vehicle (including your transmission fluid, battery, belts, and more). Preventative maintenance means you catch parts BEFORE they break, meaning no costly tow trucks or expensive repairs.

Regular Intervals

Check the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in your user manual or online. (Don’t know how? Let us help!) Coolant flush, tire rotation and alignment, suspension, and timing belts are necessary periodically. Add common larger maintenance to your calendar so these care tasks don’t catch you off guard.

With a little planning, you can stay ahead of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance needs, to keep your vehicle running smooth, avoid large and costly repairs, and get more miles out of every dollar!

If you have questions about the recommended maintenance for your vehicle, call our auto repair experts at 920.757.5543. Our technicians and advisors will help you keep track of needed services for your vehicle and complete your calendar for the year. Request an appointment online.