Now that a new year has arrived, people all around the country are setting their resolutions to improve their physical well-being, finances, mental health and so on. But what about resolving to care more for your vehicle? Here are five maintenance-related things you can do in 2019 to help improve your vehicle’s health and make your daily commute less stressful:

Start Getting Regular Inspections. Just like your teeth, you should get in the habit of having your vehicle looked at by a professional every three months as part of a proactive maintenance plan. In addition to ensuring your safety, regularly having an inspection performed on your vehicle will help extend its lifespan and increase its resale value.

Stay on Top of Your Fluids. While you probably know when you’ll be getting your next oil change and you definitely know when your gas tank needs to be replenished, the other fluids in your vehicle often aren’t a priority until there’s a warning light telling you something’s wrong. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, washer fluid, etc. – your vehicle makes use of several fluids every day so make an effort to be more cognizant of when flushes, top-offs, etc. need to be performed.

Keep Your Tires in Good Shape. For obvious reasons, the ring-shaped rubber components surrounding your wheels are extremely important to staying safely on the road year-round. By getting your tires rotated and aligned regularly as well as making sure their air pressure is at the proper level, you’ll be ensuring your tires’ tread lasts longer,

Be More Fuel Efficient. If you’re getting your vehicle inspected every three months and staying on top of your tire pressure, your car’s engine should already be in good shape to maximize its fuel efficiency. By also doing little things like using cruise control whenever possible to avoid unnecessary acceleration, driving the speed limit and removing unnecessary weight from your trunk, you can cut down on the amount of gas your vehicle burns which is good for your wallet AND the environment!

Stay Clean!
This one requires the most discipline, especially if you’re accustomed to empty fast food wrappers piling up on your passenger side floor and letting rainstorms rinse off your vehicle’s exterior. Try to get in the habit of removing garbage from your interior whenever you exit your vehicle, and any time you start to notice a layer of grime on the outside of your car, take it to a car wash for a quick cleaning. The occasional deep clean will also enhance your vehicle’s resale value.

If you have any questions about how to improve your car’s health in 2019 or if you’d like to set up a preventative maintenance schedule, be sure to give our ASE-certified technicians a call at 920-757-5543 or click HERE to schedule an appointment at our shop… We’re always happy to help our valued customers get the most out of their rides!

Happy New Year from your friends at Meister Imports!