Brake systems are becoming more efficient and intelligent, but that does not mean you can ignore them and hope they will work for you when you need them most.

New “Intelligent” braking systems have been in development the last 10 years, to both warn of an imminent crash and to apply brakes (if the driver does not) to stop the vehicle. Over 40 percent of drivers fail to react and hit their brakes in crashes. These intelligent braking systems could have a huge impact – preventing up to 1.9 million accidents per year and possible nearly 900 deaths from these accidents in the United States.

Whether it is distracted driving, diminished driver etiquette and skills, or volume of cars, intelligent braking systems have the potential to reduce car braking related car accidents.

Systems like these are advancing each year with new technology for warnings and driver communication, but they can only be as effective as the maintenance performed to the brake systems, overall.
Even as cars are getting smarter and smarter, drivers still need to pay attention to critical warning signs in their vehicles to stay safe on the roads in Greenville.

Especially when it comes to safety systems like your vehicle’s brakes, regular inspections can make the difference between a “close call” and an accident.

Dash lights with a Brake System warning should be dealt with immediately. Something triggered this indicator, and a quality inspection will diagnose this warning code, recommend repairs, then clear the warning light when your vehicle’s brakes are in a safe and working condition.

Warning lights on the dashboard occur when your car picks up on a significant issues, but preventative maintenance is the best way to save your brakes.

If you notice a noise when you brake, a vibration in the steering wheel, or unresponsive and slow to respond brakes, bring your vehicle in for an inspection right away. Catching issues early can be key to your family’s safety on the roads and saving you money from extensive brake damage with expensive repairs.

As brake systems get more and more intelligent, drivers must stay smart with brake maintenance! To schedule an inspection, call us at 920.757.5543 or request an appointment online.