As fall days get shorter, drivers spend more time driving on dark roads where visibility can be poor. Before the short winter days are here, make sure you’ll be able to see and stay safe on the roads by checking your headlights!

Headlight Bulbs

When it comes to picking bulbs for your headlights, many drivers hardly give it a second thought. A light bulb is a light bulb, right? It turns out you have a few options for headlights. Quality tri color high beams cost a little extra, but can give you up to 50 feet more visibility on dark roads.

The auto repair technicians at Meister Import Motors will always install bulbs that meet the manufacturer’s original equipment recommendations for your vehicle. If you’d like to explore other options, we can recommend headlights to improve visibility at night.

Headlight Restoration

Over time, the plastic covering your headlights can become opaque. Instead of appearing clean and clear, they look foggy and dull. Though the cosmetic change may be the first thing you notice, this can impact your visibility on the road.

Now, your headlights have to penetrate through the aged plastic. Less of their light will make it through, and you’ll be able to see the road less well at night. Instead of settling for dull headlights, bring your vehicle into Meister Import Motors for headlight restoration service.

Our experienced auto repair technicians can remove the oxidation from your headlights so they shine clear and bright as new! We’ll also check the other lights in your vehicle, including turn signals and brake lights, to make sure you can see and bee seen on the roads in Greenville.

To schedule an inspection or headlight restoration service, or simply to learn more about taking care of your headlights, call the auto repair experts at Meister Import Motors: 920.757.5543