Does my fluid really have to be flushed? Do I really have to change my oil so often? Can’t these things wait a little longer? Perhaps they can—in fact, you could probably drive a little longer without sustaining any lasting damage to your vehicle. But the truth is, every mile you go without having preventative maintenance performed on your vehicle, the more damage is being done to your vehicle’s components. This could lead to a breakdown and thousands of dollars in repair costs!

Here is some info on two important vehicle elements that you might forget about from time to time:

Filters are part of what help your car run so smoothly. Fuel, transmission, and air filters are the most common on any given vehicle that need to be changed on a regular schedule. These filters are neither time consuming or expensive to replace, yet many drivers still manage to overlook them. By not having them changed at every other scheduled maintenance check, the reduced fluid flow will lead to increased heat, resulting in your engine working much harder than it normally has to. This leads to costly repairs and lower gas mileage.

Fluids are meant to protect the many components at work in your vehicle, including parts in the engine, transmission, steering and brake systems. By keeping the fluids working in these systems clean and fresh, it will prolong the life of your vehicle and all reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. Fluid flushes are inexpensive and don’t take much time at all, so make sure to have this simple process performed at your owner’s manual’s recommended intervals. Oil changes are also relatively inexpensive and should be done every 3,000 miles or so. Other fluid flushes will range, so be sure to check your owner’s manual for these recommended intervals.

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