February is the most romantic month of the year so what better time to show your vehicle some love? Here are a few car care tips to keep in mind this month to make sure your family vehicle knows how important it is to you:

Check Your Air Filter
Your vehicle’s air filter keeps harmful elements such as dust, bacteria and exhaust gases from infiltrating your engine and cabin. It also helps improve your vehicle’s MPGs by as much as 10% since proper airflow makes for better fuel efficiency.

According to the Car Care Council however, approximately 16% of vehicles currently on the road are in need of a new air filter.

A good rule of thumb is to replace it every 10,000 miles or every third or fourth oil change but every vehicle is different so be sure to check your owner’s manual or give our shop a call if you have any questions about your air filter’s lifespan.

Check Your Lights & Wipers
Visibility is often limited here in the wintertime when the days are shorter so being able to see and be seen is extremely important to your safety. As soon as your wiper blades start to show signs of wear and tear, they should be replaced ASAP to prevent harmful scratches from appearing on your windshield. Likewise, when you first start to notice that your headlights aren’t as powerful as they usually are, make sure they’re cleaned and if that doesn’t improve their condition have them inspected by a professional auto care expert.

Check Your Belts
Vehicle belts transfer power from the engine to various engine components, ensure proper timing of moving parts, and connect key systems. Timing Belts, Serpentine Belts, Alternator Belts – each of these belts are made from a firm rubber material. Due to the high heat environment in the engine, these belts break down over time and should be replaced periodically to keep your vehicle running properly.

The best way to show your car some love this month is to bring it into our shop for a thorough inspection! Click HERE to schedule an appointment with our ASE-certified technicians – we’re dedicated to keeping you safely on the road year-round!